Kit DesLauriers Discusses Her History with Environmental Activism and Going Solar with Creative Energies

Reconnecting with our customers is something Creative Energies loves to do. Whether it is local business owners who've gone solar, or organizations that are recipients of Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky Grant or the REAP Grant, or community members that have opted to adopt solar energy on their grid-tied homes or off grid cabin, we love to witness community members benefiting from their renewable energy installation.

But it certainly is a special treat to sit down someone as accomplished as Kit DesLauriers, the first person to ski the seven summits of the world, and discuss not only reasons for going solar but much more. Kit has been a strong environmental activist since she was young--even before she gained notoriety as a professional skier. It is an inspiration to hear about the things she's done throughout her life to help the environment and to promote the health of the natural world.

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