Lander Joins Laramie and Jackson as Wyoming Cities with Significant Longterm Carbon Emission Reduction Goals

In April 2023, Lander began to adopt a strategic plan to reduce city-wide emissions over the next thirty years. The Energy and Environmental Task Force, an advisory board to Lander, presented to the city council about emissions reduction goals and how to meet them in October. By the end of November, a resolution was discussed and by December 12th, Resolution 1317 was voted in.

Resolution 1317 lays out goals for the next 25 years to cut municipal emissions by a certain percentage, aimed specifically at municipalities. Using 2021 data as a baseline, it was determined that emissions should be cut by 20% by 2030, 50% by 2040, and 80% by 2050. These goals will be reviewed at the end of the stated years to determine if any pivoting is necessary.

Lander joins Laramie and Jackson as Wyoming cities with significant carbon reduction goals. This aligns with Lander’s current strategic plan and it positions the city favorably for federal renewable energy adoption grants.

Click here to learn more about these long-term carbon reduction plans!

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