Help Save Solar in Wyoming (again)!

Help to stop Senate File 92 so that Wyoming homes and businesses can continue to drive our state’s clean energy transition.

Senate File 92, the most recent attempt by the Wyoming legislature to degrade net metering in Wyoming, will have a negative impact on adopters of solar and on the health of Wyoming’s economy.

If Senate File 92 passes, it would break the momentum of rooftop solar in Wyoming. The bill would add uncertainty about the value of new investments in solar and may allow some utilities to discontinue offering customer generation as an option.

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a policy that allows on-site renewable energy systems, such as solar, to receive full credit for all energy generated - including that fed back to the grid.Currently,Wyoming rules allow only residential and small commercial sized systems of25 kilowatts and under to be eligible for net metering.

Why this is a problem for Wyoming:

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in solar is the fastest growing sector in the country. Senate file 92 would depress growth in solar jobs and businesses in Wyoming - just when our state most needs to diversify its economy.

Main Takeaways:

  • Senate File 92 inhibits Wyoming residents’ ability to invest in their own energy freedom
  • There is no evidence that net metering negatively affects other ratepayers or our utility companies
  • The solar industry provides well-paying employment opportunities in Wyoming
  • Rooftop solar provides an alternative to large-scale utility solar farms, protecting Wyoming landscapes and wildlife

What YOU can do!

The Senate Corporations Committee will discuss the bill in the coming week and it may move on to consideration by the full Senate in the weeks after.Please contact the

below members of the committee and include your own representative and urge them to oppose SF92 and keep Wyoming’s net-metering law the way it is. In your comments, please be respectful and concise, and speak from your experience and values. Importantly, some of the strongest testimony and comments on this issue can come from people who do not have solar themselves but who support others in getting it.

Senate Corporations Committee Members

Sen. Eric Barlow | Eric.Barlow@wyoleg.gov

Sen. Brian Boner | Brian.Boner@wyoleg.gov

Sen. Bill Landen | Bill.Landen@wyoleg.gov

Sen. Charlie Scott | Charles.Scott@wyoleg.gov

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