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What You Should Know About Commercial Solar

Businesses can turn to solar power for many reasons, from cost savings to the environmental friendliness of the designs. Commercial solar systems are a bigger subject than they may seem. You don’t simply stop by the local hardware store to find a good set of panels. Instead, you must partner with professional installers to bring your solar vision to life. We want to help you determine how to schedule your ideal solar panel installation.

Business owners who want to learn the essentials of commercial solar energy can learn today. Our guide below will show you what you should know about commercial solar before purchasing the panels or speaking with a service provider. Keep reading to learn how you can make the most of this cost-effective method for generating clean, convenient electricity.

Making Businesses Greener

Solar energy is an alternative to relying on electricity from the grid. Thus, installing solar panels is perfect for business owners who want to build an eco-friendlier brand. Sometimes, transitioning to a greener business method takes time, but installing solar panels can make the process more efficient when you’re ready.

For instance, at Creative Energies, we specialize in commercial solar installation that will improve sustainability and reduce operating costs simultaneously. Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at how going green will help your business excel. More specifically, what do the panels bring to your business? Reducing your carbon footprint with solar panels is great, but the benefits of this technology extend even further.

Lower Operating Costs

One of the primary advantages of installing commercial solar panels is the financial benefits. Installing solar will offset your electric bill monthly by making you more self-sufficient in power generation. Energy consumption is costly in many areas of any business, from small offices to large factories and many facilities in between. Commercial electric costs can also fluctuate over time, so choosing solar helps you maintain a more stable power consumption arrangement.

The longevity of high-quality solar panels also makes them a cost-effective addition to commercial properties. The up-front cost of solar panel installations is sometimes intimidating to commercial property owners. However, the energy savings will lead to a quick return on investment and easy access to clean energy. Cutting costs at work can sometimes be difficult, but making choices like going solar can help you obtain quick cost cuts without hindering your workforce or workflow.

Tax Incentives

Another important detail to understand about solar and businesses is the available tax incentives. For example, installing commercial solar panels means you can look at the solar investment tax credit. This tax credit covers 30 percent of the solar panel installation costs. You can take that 30 percent off of systems installed through 2032, after which the percentage will begin to decline steadily each year.

For instance, in 2033, the tax credit will be swiftly reduced to 26 percent of the installation costs. If you want to take advantage of the solar tax investment credit, talk with your company’s tax expert as you prepare for the solar installation. That way, all essential parties are on the same page so you can take full advantage of your solar panels when they arrive.

Better Branding Opportunities

Breaking down what you should know about commercial solar calls for a closer look at the branding opportunities. After all, installing solar panels isn’t something you should keep a secret. Going green is the perfect branding upgrade for any company. So why does the way you generate power matter to the customers? Think of solar panels as a way to boost your brand’s curb appeal. As customers look over from afar as you go green, they can immediately tell that you are a company that cares about the world around it.

In addition, eco-friendly customers will identify you as a company that is looking toward the future, not just focusing on the here and now. An easy step like installing solar panels can make a substantial upgrade to your branding. It also helps that the sleek, stunning appearance of solar panels can make them a great addition to your office’s literal curb appeal too.

Finding Reliable Solar Contractors

Now that you have a better idea of what the benefits of commercial solar panels include, we can move on to the logistics of the installation. Simply put, where do you start when you want to install solar panels? This isn’t a DIY project, so it’s time to find the right experts. Collecting multiple quotes from solar installers will help you find the best value, but who you should get quotes from is worth exploring itself. For instance, always try to work with a company that has years of experience in the business.

Your installer should have a history with solar panels in general as well as commercial solar installations. You can learn more by asking for examples of the contractor’s previous work. Some solar services will put their portfolios on their websites, but you should contact them directly if you can’t find any previous jobs.

Taking a closer look at the final products will help you prepare your expectations accordingly. You can get an even closer look if the contractor has customer feedback listed on their website. Browse the solar installer’s website for reviews so you can see precisely how previous customers feel about their experiences with the contractor.

Post-Installation Upkeep

You should also think about the upkeep required after installation. High-quality solar panels require routine cleaning to keep them efficient throughout the year. Solar panels will remain efficient even when direct sunlight isn’t shining down on them. However, the buildup of dirt and other debris on the solar panels will reduce efficiency over time.

At Creative Energies, our solar installers assist with upkeep after the panels are complete. From troubleshooting technical problems to routine maintenance, we use our knowledge and skills of this technology to help homeowners and businesses alike enjoy solar power long term. Finally, you’re one step closer to leading a greener, more cost-effective business while retaining the same quality services as always. Now that you have the guide above to help you learn the essentials, start putting your commercial solar plan into motion today.

What You Should Know About Commercial Solar

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