Emily Face.jpeg

Emily McCabe

Solar Sales Coordinator

Emily joined the Creative Energies team in 2022. Born with a spirit to serve, she built a career in the hospitality & tourism industry for 10 years along the East Coast. Despite the joy of working in such great places like Walt Disney World and Hilton Head Island, Emily always thought there was something missing. The Wasatch Mountains were a staple of her childhood in Ogden, and the call to return was too pressing to ignore. In 2016, she packed up everything she owned in a Chevrolet Spark and made the drive from Maryland to Utah. The feeling of being back in the mountains was glorious, but something still wasn’t quite right - Emily worked in Park City tourism for a year before exiting the industry and transitioning to the trades. Her skillset quickly adapted to project management and administration for HVAC contractors. She brings that industry knowledge with her to Creative Energies. As our Sales Coordinator, Emily handles customer onboarding and communications for our teams in Wyoming and Utah. “Being a part of something greater than myself is important to me,” Emily says. “It’s a privilege to work with a team that’s making a difference in our community and our environment.