Joe Kluberton

Technical Solar Sales

Joe Kluberton runs Creative Energies' Technical Solar Sales in Lander, Wyoming. Joe's first interactions with Creative Energies were as a client, using one of CE's off-grid power systems in Mt. Everest Base Camp. He has since designed and maintained numerous off-grid solar power systems from Mt. Everest to the South Pole. Joe joined the Creative Energies team in 2020 as a service technician based out of our Lander office. Joe holds a Masters of Science in Resource and Applied Economics with a focus on renewable and non-renewable resources and has worked as an off-shore oil exploration analyst for BP, a service manager in Antarctica, and a climbing guide in Alaska. Joe is excited to have a full-time position in the energy industry that is allowing him to put down roots in Wyoming. He and his wife love Lander and spend their weekends out on the trails and cliffs near town.

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    Joe has rollerbladed a marathon.