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Josh Wells


Josh Wells is THE Master Electrician according to Creative Energies. Which is why he is the Master of Record. He has worked on solar electrical and general electrical projects of all sizes and types for over 25 years. Creative Energies was lucky enough to pull him in to our clan back in 2006 and has never let him go. He takes pride in being a specialist in the fine detail of the electrical trade as it applies to the specifics of solar power systems. He is also Solar Energy International Level I and II PV System Design Certified. When he is not monkeying around on roofs, you can find Josh rock climbing, doing 5.FUNS, or riding slowly on his homemade truck bike with lots of breaks for good food! He currently lives in Laramie with his girlfriend Carlyn and their two dogs Lola and Amos.

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    Loves to fish