Scott Jones

Technical Solar Sales

Scott Jones is credentialed by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) in technical sales. He holds a BA from the University of Utah and an MBA with emphasis in financial analysis, leadership and strategy. He spearheads our community solar initiatives and works closely with the University of Utah, U Community Solar, the Sierra Club, and Utah Clean Energy (among others) for renewable energy advocacy and education. Having completed hundreds of projects and with a system on his own roof, Scott is hands-down one of the most experienced solar professionals in Utah.

In his late teens, Scott left the flatlands of Kansas and headed west in search of adventure. He landed in Salt Lake in ’95 and wasted most of his youth skiing powder, backpacking, SCUBA diving, and river running in his hand-built whitewater dory. His current base camp is in Sugar House where he and his wife are busy raising three of the finest children you’ll ever meet. He’s now mastered the art of car camping, traded in his 4WD truck for a badass minivan, and can change a diaper in seven seconds flat.

Give Scott a call. He is a great resource and will give you honest guidance for your project. Plus, we think he’s a pretty cool guy.

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    Loves snowboarding