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Toby Schmidt


Toby Schmidt is a co-owner of Creative Energies and oversees our Salt Lake City office. Toby is also tasked with ensuring the quality of Creative Energies installations and the safety and efficiency of our building process. He has been designing and installing solar electric systems for over 20 years. He is a Solar Energy International graduate and is working toward his electrical license. He was the assistant director of Information Systems for the NOLS international headquarters in Lander, Wyoming, and served as a building project supervisor for the NOLS Patagonia branch in Chile. He also spent many years as a NOLS instructor in Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and Chile. He lives in Salt Lake with his wife, Natalie Kaplan, and daughter Eva. He and his family are avid explorers by sailboat, car, bike and by foot.

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    Sailed across the Atlantic

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    Likes to fly airplanes