Brownfield PV Power Station

Salt Lake City, UT

Brownfield's Energy Needs

Creative Energies, in partnership with Taylor Electric, was selected by Salt Lake City Corp, through an RFP process to design and install a 904 kW ballasted photovoltaic solar system. The goal of this project was to offset the energy usage of Salt Lake City's new Public Safety Building located at 200 East 500 South, SLC, UT.

The Creative Energies Solution

The site, a capped landfill, presented a unique set of parameters. In order to keep the landfill's engineered surface unaltered, we used a ballasted array. We designed and custom fabricated 411 cement ballast blocks of 4,800 pounds each. We positioned them throughout the 3.5-acre site with a position accuracy tolerance of less than two inches. Creative Energies designed and installed all aspects of the solar system from the point of AC disconnect to the array. 3,014 Renasola 300 watt modules were used.

The System:

  • 904 kW grid tied, ballasted solar array
  • 3,014 Renasola 300W modules used
  • 411 cement ballast blocks, each 4,800 pounds

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