Town of Jackson

Jackson, WY

Jackson, Wyoming's Energy Needs

The Town of Jackson and Teton County in Wyoming have set ambitious sustainability goals which Creative Energies has helped work towards achieving.

The Creative Energies Solution

Multiple municipal solar projects over the past decade have helped them meet these targets, with over 2 MW of grid tied solar deployed. The projects include the first virtually net-metered system in the state of Wyoming, which offsets usage for a number of town and county facilities.

Projects completed between 2010-2019:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant - 265 kW
  • Shared Solar Project - 582 kW
  • Munger Mountain Elementary School - 156 kW
  • Recycling Center - 40 kW
  • Emergency Operations Center - 27.5 kW
  • Bus Barn - 104 kW
  • Public Works - 22.7 kW
  • Parking Garage - 27.3 kW

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