Roadhouse Brewery

Jackson, WY

Roadhouse Brewing's Energy Needs

Roadhouse Brewing Co joined forces with Creative Energies and Energy Conservation Works to up their environmental game with a commercial solar system. Their Nitrogen generator provides gas and offsets most of the CO2 needed to brew the beer. A natural cooling element allows the brewery to pull in cold air from the outside 6 months out of the year. They also prioritize sharing kegs, recapturing and recycling the heat they produce, and sending their spent grain to local ranches. Cheers to solar-powered and sustainably crafted beer!

The Creative Energies Solution

The entire Roadhouse operation is 100% renewable thanks to the combination of their 25.4 kW solar and other sustainability initiatives. Installing solar enabled Roadhouse Brewing to offset their own energy usage while also letting them feed excess power generated back onto the local Jackson area grid.

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