ALD Offices Solar & Solar Carports


ALD Offices Solar & Solar Carports' Energy Needs

Creative Energies completed a 190.6 kW commercial solar project for the ALD Offices in Salt Lake City. The project included solar carports over portions of the parking lot in addition to a rooftop ballast-mounted solar array. The ALD Office building owner achieved his vision to reduce the building's overall carbon footprint while providing renters with covered parking and reduced energy costs.

The Creative Energies Solution

The initial issue of limited roof space available for solar panels atop the ALD Offices Building was quickly remedied by suggesting solar carports as a solution. The rooftop solar generates 46 kW, meaning the construction of solar carports allowed for the addition of 144 kW, more than doubling the generating capacity. With more generating capacity and options for shaded parking, everyone was happy with a win-win.

The System

  • 190.6 kW grid tied, commercial system
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Rooftop solar
  • Solar Carports

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