Tensleep Preserve Ranch

Tensleep, WY

Tent Sleep's Energy Needs

Managed and maintained by The Nature Conservancy, the Tensleep Preserve is home to incredible geology, plants, wildlife, ancient pictographs, and Native American gathering sites. The area is ecologically rich and worth preserving for generations to come. With the help of solar energy, The Nature Conservancy would be able to further reduce their impact on the area while they work to preserve it.

The Tensleep Preserve itself is a 12-mile stretch of Canyon Creek located within the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains. The Nature Conservancy chose to preserve this location due to the critical role it plays in maintaining Wyoming’s wild places. The region faces potential fragmentation with the influx of people and the accompanying development that comes with us as we move into new areas. The Tensleep Preserve helps maintain connectivity between natural places throughout Wyoming.

The Creative Energies Solution

In December 2021, Creative Energies completed a 10.20 kW commercial solar energy system for the Nature Conservancy's Tensleep Preserve Ranch helping The Nature Conservancy reduce their impact on the very environment they are so strongly advocating to protect. Exporting more energy than it currently consumes, the Tensleep Preserve Ranch has already generated 670 kWh of electricity, equivalent to reducing about 1,040 pounds of Carbon Dioxide emissions since going live towards the end of 2021.

The System

  • 10.20 kW grid tied system
  • Tensleep, Wyoming
  • Rooftop solar

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