Solar Estimate

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Greg & Amy Antonini

Salt Lake City

The Challenge
Greg and Amy recently moved back home to Salt Lake City from Northern California. They applied for a grant from the State of Utah Office of Energy Development and received a $4500 rebate for their PV system, which was one of over 150 residential systems installed in 2011.

The Creative Energies Solution

The system has online monitoring for both total home electricity consumption and PV system output. Annually the system will produce over 90% of their total electricity, and the data produced by Egauge is received in real time, so Greg and Amy can see how their appliance usage effects consumption and is offset by their solar installation.

The System

  • 5 kW residential grid-tied PV with Sharp 240Watt Black-on-Black modules.
  • Power-One Aurora Inverter with Egauge Online Monitoring
  • Produces 7000kWh per year and saves 5163 lbs of coal per year.