Crane Residence

Lander, WY

The Creative Energies Solution

Creative Energies installed a 3.29 kW DC grid-connected solar power system flush-mounted on the roof of the Crane residence in Lander, Wyoming. The system includes 14 Sharp 235 Watt modules in two strings connected to a Power-One 3.0 kW inverter.

Estimating energy production for real-world solar arrays requires attention to detail. With 11 years of experience installing and monitoring actual systems, we have developed a good formula, and checking real-world performance is a key part of our success. Prior to installation, we estimated that the Crane system would produce 5246 kWh over the first full year of operation.

The system owners have been diligently logging monthly system production since it went online in January 2012. Using this data, the actual production for the first year (365 days) was 5462 kWh. Representing just less than 1% overproduction from our estimate.

Our commitment to confirm our production estimations is key to happy customers and quality energy systems.

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