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Ensign Ranches HATCH Commercial Solar Project

Skull Valley, UT

The Ensign Ranches solar project in Skull Valley, Utah is a 757.62 kW install with REC 345W Sungrow 60KU-M Ground Mount, eGauge.

The energy future of this commercial solar project in Utah is that solar production will offset an estimated 93% of annual utility use equaling financial savings, financial investment, and environmental savings.

This solar array's annual environmental savings equivalencies are:
- 105,488 Miles Not Driven
- 133,754 Pounds of CO2 Saved
- 1,707 Trees Planted
- 85,005 Pounds of Coal Saved

Corporate Social Responsibility

Increasing carbon reduction regulations, rising utility rates, and global warming have created a demand for green business. Sustainable companies attract a new generation of customers and employees that are willing to go the extra mile to support the cause.

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