Martin Residence

Ogden, UT

The System

Capacity: 11.2 kW

Solar Panels: 28 QCells 400 Watt Black

Inverters: 28 Enphase IQ8A Microinverters & Enphase IQ Combiner Panel

Storage: 2 Tesla Powerwall Batteries 27 kWh

System Monitoring application displays Solar Production & Home Energy Consumption data

The Creative Energies Solution

After carefully evaluating the site and electrical consumption, we designed an 11.2 kW solar array tailored for the home. It generates 17,453 kWh/year, offsetting 100% of the electricity usage. The design includes four rows of south-facing panels tilted at 30 degrees, supported by heavy-duty ground mounts and two Tesla Powerwall batteries for energy independence.

Ground Mount Systems

Ground mount systems offer advantages over rooftop systems, optimizing solar exposure and enabling larger system sizes. Easier maintenance and accessibility are additional benefits. However, rooftop systems have their merits, and the choice depends on space, site, goals, and preferences. At Creative Energies, we'll tailor a system to meet your energy goals, maximizing the benefits of either option.

Solar Estimate

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