Residential Solar Spotlight


Chen Residence

System Size: 13 kW

Location: Teton Village, WY

Type: Residential, Rooftop Solar

To ensure a solar energy installation ties in with a home's architecture, we prioritize aesthetics along with functionality during the design stages of every project. The Chen Residence, in Teton Village, Wyoming, demonstrates how solar complements the modern look of their home while providing a reliable source of renewable energy.

The Chen family's 13 kW photovoltaic system produces over 19,000 kilowatt hours annually and has already generated 24.3 MWh since going live. It has already had the environmental benefit of reducing nearly 37,000 pounds and counting of Carbon Dioxide emissions. That's 43,280 miles not driven.

Every home presents its own unique qualities and features to be conscientious of when integrating solar energy into the overall picture. On the Chen Residence, special care was taken while working with the delicate cedar shake roof tiles when installing this system. Now the Chen family has access to renewable energy for years to come.

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